Aniței Robert
Graphic Designer


I am Anitei Robert, a Graphic Designer from Romania.

  • 2007

    Started learning Adobe Photoshop

    Back in 2007 I started learning Adobe Photoshop from tutorials.

  • December 2008

    Joined deviantART

    In December 2008 I created my deviantART account, until now I uploaded 200+ creations that were viewed over 300.000 times.

  • 2009

    Started Freelancing

    I created my account on 99designs and earned first real money from design.

  • 2011

    Created DesignSphere

    In 2011 I created a successful design related blog named DesignSphere. There are over 200 articles published at this moment.

  • February 2014

    Started working at ATi Studios

    I started working as Graphic Designer at ATi Studios, a mobile app development startup. I designed the UI for iOS and Windows Phone apps but the most important project was working on Mondly, a language learning app that is available on iOS, Android and Web.

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